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Find out how much your coding homework will cost by selecting the discipline, the size of your task, and its deadline in the price calculator. Also, you can review the table below to get an idea of how we calculate our prices.

To make your assignment cheaper, you can change your deadline or select only a part of your task to delegate to our experts.

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Choose your discipline, task size, and deadline to find out how much your assignment will cost.

How to get a better price on our services

Only free assignments are cheaper, but they don’t have such a high quality as our custom projects. To get the lowest price on your original assignment, try out these methods.

  • Request a part of your task

    If your assignment is too big or can be divided into pieces, it’s a good idea to buy your project in parts. With our service, you’ll be able to get the solution or hint you need to solve the whole task by ordering a part of it.

  • Order your assignment in advance

    Any urgent homework will cost you more than the same assignment with a 14-day deadline. By ordering your task in advance, you not only save money, but plan your homework load better.

  • Watch out for coupons

    We regularly send coupons for discounts to our regular customers. You can find them in emails with special offers. Use our service at least once to get access to little presents from our company!

Frequently asked questions about our prices

  • We keep our prices reasonable using the services of the 300+ STEM specialists who work for us. Computer science is a highly intellectual scientific field that’s constantly developing. We want our experts to get market-average salaries, so we balance our prices to adequately compensate for the skills and knowledge they invest in your orders.
  • Just review the order form and check out the different size descriptions and possible deliverables before placing your order. You can also consult our online support assistants if you struggle to select the correct size.
  • If you’re not quite sure if your request was done well, or if something goes wrong with your order, you can request your money back. We’ll investigate your situation and provide compensation according to our money-back policy.
  • The most important service you can get in addition to any of your orders is free revisions. You can request any changes to incorporate into your final materials if our expert has missed any of your primary requirements.

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